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From the IFPS and PMA updated as of 10/01/2018

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Amaranth/Callaloo/Een Choy
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4098APPLESAkaneSmall100 size and smaller
4099APPLESAkaneLarge88 size and larger
3000APPLESAlkmeneAll Sizes
3438APPLESAmbrosiaAll Sizes
3600APPLESAntaresAll Sizes
3001APPLESAurora/Southern RoseSmall100 size and smaller
3290APPLESAurora/Southern RoseLarge88 size and larger
3075APPLESBaldwinAll Sizes
3339APPLESBelchardAll SizesChantecler
3602APPLESBelgicaAll Sizes
3340APPLESBertanne/Golden RussetAll Sizes
3291APPLESBoskoop/Belle de BoskoopSmall100 size and smaller
3292APPLESBoskoop/Belle de BoskoopLarge88 size and larger
4101APPLESBraeburnSmall100 size and smaller
4103APPLESBraeburnLarge88 size and larger
3065APPLESCameoSmall100 size and smaller
3066APPLESCameoLarge88 size and larger
3002APPLESCantaredAll Sizes
3341APPLESCharles RossAll Sizes
3629APPLESCIVG198All Sizes
3615APPLESCivniAll Sizes
3486APPLESCN121All Sizes
3630APPLESCo-op 43All Sizes
4104APPLESCortlandSmall100 size and smaller
4106APPLESCortlandLarge88 size and larger
4105APPLESCox Orange PippinAll Sizes
4107APPLESCrabAll Sizes
4128APPLESCripps PinkSmall100 size and smaller
4130APPLESCripps PinkLarge88 size and larger
3010APPLESCripps RedSmall100 size and smaller
3301APPLESCripps RedLarge88 size and larger
4108APPLESCrispin/MutsuSmall100 size and smaller
4109APPLESCrispin/MutsuSmall100 size and smaller
4110APPLESCrispin/MutsuLarge88 size and larger
4111APPLESCrispin/MutsuLarge88 size and larger
4113APPLESCriterionSmall100 size and smaller
4115APPLESCriterionLarge88 size and larger
3003APPLESD'EstivaleAll Sizes
3342APPLESDelblushAll Sizes
3343APPLESDessertAll Sizes
3004APPLESDiscoveryAll Sizes
3447APPLESDS 22All Sizes
3445APPLESDS 3All Sizes
4116APPLESEarlySmall100 size and smaller
4117APPLESEarlySmall100 size and smaller
4118APPLESEarlyLarge88 size and larger
4119APPLESEarlyLarge88 size and larger
4121APPLESElstarSmall100 size and smaller
4123APPLESElstarLarge88 size and larger
3604APPLESEmmonsAll Sizes
4124APPLESEmpireSmall100 size and smaller
4125APPLESEmpireSmall100 size and smaller
4126APPLESEmpireLarge88 size and larger
4127APPLESEmpireLarge88 size and larger
4120APPLESFiestaAll Sizes
4100APPLESFiresideSmall100 size and smaller
4102APPLESFiresideLarge88 size and larger
4129APPLESFujiSmall100 size and smaller
4131APPLESFujiLarge88 size and larger
3613APPLESFuji BrakAll Sizes
4132APPLESGalaSmall100 size and smaller
4133APPLESGalaSmall100 size and smaller
4134APPLESGalaLarge88 size and larger
4135APPLESGalaLarge88 size and larger
4096APPLESGinger GoldLarge88 size and larger
4097APPLESGinger GoldSmall100 size and smaller
3344APPLESGlosterSmall100 size and smaller
3345APPLESGlosterLarge88 size and larger
3285APPLESGolden DeliciousExtra Large64 size and larger
4020APPLESGolden DeliciousLarge88 size and larger
4021APPLESGolden DeliciousSmall100 size and smaller
4136APPLESGolden DeliciousSmall100 size and smaller
4137APPLESGolden DeliciousLarge88 size and larger
3005APPLESGolden Delicious BlushAll Sizes
3071APPLESGranny SmithAll SizesRed
4017APPLESGranny SmithLarge88 size and larger
4018APPLESGranny SmithLarge88 size and larger
4138APPLESGranny SmithSmall100 size and smaller
4139APPLESGranny SmithSmall100 size and smaller
3069APPLESGravensteinSmallRed100 size and smaller
3070APPLESGravensteinLargeRed88 size and larger
4156APPLESGravensteinSmall100 size and smaller
4158APPLESGravensteinLarge88 size and larger
3444APPLESGreen DragonAll Sizes
3074APPLESGreening (RI)All Sizes
4057APPLESHaralsonSmall100 size and smaller
4058APPLESHaralsonLarge88 size and larger
3346APPLESHolsteinAll Sizes
3283APPLESHoneycrispLarge88 size and larger
3468APPLESHoneycrispSmall100 size and smaller
3601APPLESHuaguanAll Sizes
4140APPLESIdaredSmall100 size and smaller
4142APPLESIdaredLarge88 size and larger
3006APPLESIngrid MarieAll Sizes
4144APPLESJonagoldSmall100 size and smaller
4145APPLESJonagoldSmall100 size and smaller
4146APPLESJonagoldLarge88 size and larger
4147APPLESJonagoldLarge88 size and larger
4141APPLESJonamacSmall100 size and smaller
4143APPLESJonamacLarge88 size and larger
4148APPLESJonathanSmall100 size and smaller
4149APPLESJonathanSmall100 size and smaller
4150APPLESJonathanLarge88 size and larger
4151APPLESJonathanLarge88 size and larger
3072APPLESLadyAll Sizes
3461APPLESLady WilliamsAll Sizes
3347APPLESLaxtons FortuneAll Sizes
3078APPLESLibertyAll Sizes
3007APPLESLochbuieAll Sizes
3348APPLESLord LambourneAll Sizes
3073APPLESMacounAll Sizes
3490APPLESMAIA 1All sizes
3607APPLESMariri RedAll Sizes
4019APPLESMcIntoshLarge88 size and larger
4152APPLESMcIntoshSmall100 size and smaller
4153APPLESMcIntoshSmall100 size and smaller
4154APPLESMcIntoshLarge88 size and larger
3076APPLESMelroseAll Sizes
3349APPLESMichaelmas RedAll Sizes
3619APPLESMilwaAll Sizes
3603APPLESMinneiskaAll Sizes
3625APPLESMinnewashtaAll Sizes
3487APPLESMN 55 All Sizes
3442APPLESNew York 1All Sizes
3443APPLESNew York 2All Sizes
3612APPLESNicogreenAll Sizes
3605APPLESNicoterAll Sizes
3077APPLESNorthern SpyAll Sizes
3618APPLESOpalAll Sizes
4155APPLESPaularedSmall100 size and smaller
4157APPLESPaularedLarge88 size and larger
3435APPLESPinovaAll Sizes
4160APPLESPippinSmall100 size and smaller
4162APPLESPippinLarge88 size and larger
3620APPLESPlumacAll Sizes
3628APPLESPremA280All Sizes
3284APPLESRed DeliciousExtra Large64 size and larger
4015APPLESRed DeliciousSmall100 size and smaller
4016APPLESRed DeliciousLarge88 size and larger
4167APPLESRed DeliciousSmall100 size and smaller
4168APPLESRed DeliciousLarge88 size and larger
3460APPLESRed JonaprinceAll Sizes
3298APPLESRedfieldAll Sizes
3467APPLESRegal 13-82All Sizes
4112APPLESRegentSmall100 size and smaller
4114APPLESRegentLarge88 size and larger
3350APPLESReine des Reinettes/King of the PippinsSmall100 size and smaller
3351APPLESReine des Reinettes/King of the PippinsLarge88 size and larger
3352APPLESReinettes and Heritage varietiesAll Sizes(incl Canada blanc Reinette du Mans, Armorique/
4193APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4194APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4195APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4196APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4197APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4198APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4199APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4200APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4201APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4202APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4203APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4204APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4205APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4206APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4207APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4208APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4209APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4210APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4211APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4212APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4213APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4214APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4215APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4216APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
4217APPLESRetailer AssignedAll Sizes
3104APPLESRoHo 3615 All Sizes
4169APPLESRomeSmall100 size and smaller
4170APPLESRomeSmall100 size and smaller
4171APPLESRomeLarge88 size and larger
4172APPLESRomeLarge88 size and larger
4173APPLESRoyal GalaSmall100 size and smaller
4174APPLESRoyal GalaLarge88 size and larger
3008APPLESRubinetteAll Sizes
3009APPLESRussetAll Sizes
3295APPLESSciearlySmall100 size and smaller
3296APPLESSciearlyLarge88 size and larger
3293APPLESScifreshSmall100 size and smaller
3294APPLESScifreshLarge88 size and larger
3315APPLESScilateSmall100 size and smaller
3616APPLESScilateLarge88 size and larger
3297APPLESSciredAll Sizes
3608APPLESScirosLarge88 size and larger
4122APPLESScirosSmall100 size and smaller
3272APPLESSommerfeldAll Sizes
3299APPLESSonyaSmall100 size and smaller
3300APPLESSonyaLarge88 size and larger
4176APPLESSouthern SnapAll Sizes
4177APPLESSpartanSmall100 size and smaller
4178APPLESSpartanSmall100 size and smaller
4179APPLESSpartanLarge88 size and larger
4180APPLESSpartanLarge88 size and larger
3353APPLESSt Edmunds PippinAll Sizes
4181APPLESStaymanSmall100 size and smaller
4183APPLESStaymanLarge88 size and larger
4182APPLESSturmer PippinAll Sizes
3067APPLESSwiss GourmetSmall100 size and smaller
3068APPLESSwiss GourmetLarge88 size and larger
3271APPLESVirginia GoldAll Sizes
3507APPLESWA 38 All Sizes
4189APPLESWinesapSmall100 size and smaller
4190APPLESWinesapSmall100 size and smaller
4191APPLESWinesapLarge88 size and larger
4192APPLESWinesapLarge88 size and larger
3011APPLESWorcesterAll Sizes
4185APPLESYorkSmall100 size and smaller
4187APPLESYorkLarge88 size and larger